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New 2015 NS on property contract ratified

Division 4 Special Election Results from August 12, 2014

New Hours of Service Law
This refers to our various discussions regarding the implementation of the Rail Safety Improvement Act of 2008 (RSIA). As discussed, this letter of understanding confirms the manner in which employees assigned to unassigned pool freight service or guaranteed extra boards shall be handled in the event they become unavailable for service due to certain specific provisions of the RSIA.
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Over the past couple of days I have received a number of inquiries concerning the above­referenced subject, and it appears that the various railroads' understandings may differ. This is a complex subject, so I'm not surprised that there are differences of opinion. The interpretations below, although not sourced because of time constraints, reflect Brother Bruno's and my under­standing of the interpretations published by FRA a couple of weeks ago.
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Lincoln Financial New Insurance Policy
This letter is to provide updated information pertaining to our short term disability plans for all locomotive engineers and BLET non-eligible engineers and conductor members. (Voluntary Plan).
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