Buford Sterns's Perspective
36.5 x 48 in. oil on textured canvas

Buford Sterns was a man of sound mind and morals, and when he came upon a ruckus on the trail, his measure of sand would be surely tested. He heard a woman's cry for help and then came across a wagon in disarray and contents strewn about. The hitched and stomping horse seemed pestered and perturbed. He again heard a shout off to the left where he spotted two road agents of ill intent accosting a young lady. They were fully occupied with her bag of properties and wrestling the lady to the ground. Buford rode up close enough so when they finally did see him they had no time to respond as they would have liked. "Gentlemen". he stated casually and comely tipped his hat to the woman, "Ma'am". He then addressed the men. "Boys, I have no quarrel with having some fun now and again. But boys, this is just too rough for this lovely lady. I think your play is done here and you best be heading down that trail now." There was an awkward  bit of audacity and when the young lady tried to pull away she was was quickly squeezed back into confinement. At that very moment, like a flash of sunlight off a brand new spur, Buford's .45 was pulled and pointed, and as he cocked the hammer he said, "Now, I hope you boys can appreciate my... perspective." They flung aside the girl and her belongings, and took a stance. "Mister, there are two of us and only one of you!", and laughed at their predicament.  "It is true I can only kill one of you...so, who wants to be first?" There was another bit of awkward audacity but this time it was in the other boot. I'm not sure if it was the gun or the cool, cool delivery of the dilemma that convinced them back on their horses and down the trail.