Tequila Pete
48" x 44"
Oil on heavy textured canvas

One Day in the Southwest
It was a hot dusty day in a sleepy little town just south of the border.
The cantina was empty except for a snoring bar keep piled on a stool
behind the bar. A stranger walked in and up to the bar, and said in a low thick voice, "Tequila".
The bar keep stood and stumbled a bit, then grabbed a bottle and dirty shot glass, and set it
in front of the stranger who looked down at the glass and back up to the bar keep. His glare pierced the sweat and nerve of bar keep. Noticing the condition of the shot glass he jerked it back from the counter and began twisting it on his fat thumb and apron. With a large insincere smile he set the glass back down and poured a drink. As he placed the bottle back on shelf he watched the stranger drink his tequila in the cloudy image of the mirror. Then he realized who this stranger was and he stiffened. With a chill in his voice the bar keep said to the mirror, "You...You Tequila Pete!? They say you bleed tequila. I know who you are! You a wanted man, a man that kills for fun...!?
Tequila Pete peered back through the mirror and replied,
"Only when I drink tequila. Now put that bottle back on the bar."